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Game development engineer support

Game development engineer support

Resident talented technicians at your destination

From application development, such as smart phones, tablet PlayStation, Wii, until consumer game development, such as DS, and meet a wide range of needs. In the application development environment, it will develop in such as Unity.

"Rather than leave it to the development company, I want to make the team in-house," "house want to develop apps for corporate branding" will provide technical assistance in line with the demands of such. Such as programmer designer · UI design engineers will reside to your location. It is also possible resident of more than one person team.

  • Unity
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • UI design
  • Programming
  • Design
  • Planning
Development enabled devices

Support partnersSome examples

  • Nippon Ichi SoftwareNippon Ichi Software

Short delivery time development case

More than 100 kinds customize the published app

By customizing the published app GooglePlay · App Store, it is possible to suppress the development costs, and realize a short delivery time and low cost.To application development track record

To application development track record More than 100 kinds of application development experience More than 100 kinds of application development experience

Short delivery time app development track recordSome cases

If you have a corporate image character, it is possible application in a short time development. Customization is also possible, such as scenarios and action.




Pesogin Casino

MegaHouse Corporation

MegaHouse Corporation tap me 2

tap me 2

Children's tablet "tap me 2" appeared further version up! Android4.4 in installed, learning apps and games, such as more than 40 apps can be enjoyed immediately have been pre-installed.To product information

To product information

Provided to optimize the application
to a dedicated terminal

It made a provision of pre-installed apps to "tap me 2" for children tablet. Easy to understand even to small children, it has become a fun app.

App customize

  • ·Optimized to match the terminal
  • It was performed to optimize the application function of in accordance with the performance of the terminal.

  • ·Expression corresponding to the target

    Changes or of representation for children, made a change of UI as further easy-to-understand.

NTT East Corporation

FLET'S MARKET app development

NTT East Corporation
  • ·Dedicated tablet apps

    NTT East recommendation has developed an app dedicated tablet to provide.

  • ·Hikari BOX corresponding app

    Such as apps and the Internet of "FLET'S MARKET" has developed a "Hikari BOX" corresponding app available on the connected TV. Operation is done by a dedicated remote control.To FLET'S MARKET


Flow from your request to the
application published

  1. Contact Us Contact Us

    Please contact us by phone, or contact us page. It will determine the dates of your meeting - hearing.

  2. Quote / contract Quote / contract

    After the hearing was conducted for the application development, to determine the target of the OS (Android · iOS) and schedule, we will quote. You can timely your meeting with Skype not only e-mail and telephone.

  3. Design / Programming Design / Programming

    Unity · Java · Objective-C, etc., we will create a native app using each language. Programming not only, also we will correspond one-stop design and UI design.

    • Unity
    • Java
    • Objective-C
    • UI Design
    • Design
    • Native app
  4. App Public App Public

    Not only in development, it will support up to registration and publishing to GooglePlay · App Store. Promotion on the download goals after app also published We offer.

    App Public

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