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House application development track record- We are native app development
of Android · iOS, etc. Unity -

New Application

    • 消しゴムパズル

      Eraser Puzzle

      Flick Eraser spin-off! !! Play and make, you are also a puzzle master & creator!


      GooglePlay App Store

    • サクっと!靴とばし

      Shoe skipping

      Nostalgic play that I played as a child. Have you ever played? Swing your swing and fly your shoes far away! Aim! World record!


      GooglePlay App Store

    • ラジコンレース 3D

      Radio Controller Race 3D

      A radio-controlled game that you can easily play with simple operations is now available on your smartphone app! Run through the off-road course!

      ラジコンレース 3D

      GooglePlay App Store

    • みんなでジャンプ 3D

      Jump together 3D

      Let's all breathe together and jump! Go through the ring and land! Introducing a new sensation, crowd jump game! !!

      みんなでジャンプ 3D

      GooglePlay App Store


  • RulerBattle

    Ruler Battle

    Spin-off project of DropEraser! Appeared ruler war becomes the app!! Now messed battle with a ruler!!


    GooglePlay App Store

  • ビリヤード9

    Billiards 9

    You can play in two different modes, "Mission mode" and "9 ball mode". Let's solve a number of challenges by making use of the changing ball.


    GooglePlay App Store

  • Monsters Coin

    Monsters Coin Detail

    That monster who was not only as an enemy to the adventure with the aim of the strongest of the Tamar is finally able to fellow!

    Monsters Coin


  • ストライクゲート

    Strike Gate

    Refreshing action puzzle game! Play the pack and put the target into the goal! Many missions are waiting for you!


    GooglePlay App Store

Consumer Game Development

Home Game Development (Nintendo Switch,PSVR etc)

Home Game Development(Nintendo Switch,PSVR etc)

  • Switch

    Our summer festival

    Summer festival to enjoy at home! A festival battle with up to 4 people at the summer festival venue! Aim! Festival general!

  • Switch

    Undead Battle Royale

    Survival battle of up to 4 people with one unit that defeats zombies and competes for scores! Defeat the zombies, survive to the end and grab the victory!

  • Switch

    Our Radio Contoroller Race

    Aim, radio-controlled champion! Introducing a radio-controlled game that you can enjoy with easy operation! Let's share Joy-Con and get excited with up to 6 people!

  • Switch

    Virtual Battle

    A simple action game where you can play quickly and defeat enemies using various weapons and gimmicks in 4 different themed virtual spaces!

  • Switch

    Our after school

    The 4th in our series! After school, we have a lot of play! Let's play and cooperate with each other to decide the play king!

  • Switch

    Our Sports day

    The third in our series! Alone or everyone! It's the opening of a big athletic meet that will make you sweat! Battle in various competitions!

  • Switch

    Desktop Volleyball

    Volleyball popular in the app is now available on Nintendo Switch! ! Connect the balls, receive, toss, attack! ! Play with 1-4 people!

  • Switch

    Desktop Basketball

    The basket coat on the desk! Beat it in! The whole body of Super Dunk! A simple and comical basketball game for up to four players!

  • Switch

    Voxel Pirates

    The world is the golden age of pirates! By boat! In the hideout! In the port town! Let's go to the ocean! A fun action game where up to four players can play!

  • Switch

    Our School Battle

    Our school is full of “play”! A nostalgic but new party game! Enjoy playing in the whole school! Play through the Joy-Con and play with up to 4 players for fun and cooperative play!

  • Switch

    Voxel Galaxy

    This is an action game where you can play the main battle easily, defeating the enemy with various weapons and weapons in the near future world of space and cyberpunk. (1 to 4 players can play)

  • Switch

    Desktop Rugby

    Rugby to enjoy on your desk! A real try decided by everyone! Believe in your friends and run through!

  • Switch

    Desktop Dodgeball

    Let's play various dodge balls with everyone from ordinary dodge to a little strange rule!

  • Switch

    Desktop Bowling

    The bowling alley on the school desk! Either alone or everyone! Aim, perfect game! !

  • Switch

    Desktop Baseball

    Everyone's desk becomes a stadium! ! Play baseball with a pencil or pen on a nostalgic school desk! Even one person can have fun, and two people can get even more excited!

  • Switch

    Desktop PingPong

    A table tennis table on everyone's desk! With a slightly unusual racket, everyone is on the school desk! Table tennis battles for one person or everyone!

  • Switch

    Voxel Sword

    Cooperation / Battle The main comical battle! It is a handy action game that you can play with cranky killing monsters with swords and magic in the fantasy world of cute comical toys.

  • Switch

    Our Flick Erasers

    Nostalgic "Flick Erasers" appeared! Play your opponent's eraser outside the desk! Maximum of 4 people, there are plenty of fun to enjoy easily! Together with friends and family, always exciting!

  • Switch

    Chalk Dash Carnival

    New sense! Intuitive scroll game "Chalk Dash Carnival" appears!You can draw a line with chalk directly on the screen by touch operation!Japanese only.

  • Switch

    Soccer On Desk

    Grand is on the desk!Soccer On Desk is a satisfying soccer game which is easy to operate.You can share Joy-Con and play with up to 4 people.Don't hold back!Let 's exciting soccer with everyone.Japanese only.

  • Switch

    Voxel Shot for Nintendo Switch

    VoxelShot is a easy action game where competition is the main.You use various weapons to defeat zombies in the world of cute and comical toys.The world where toys were zombied by mysterious viruses.There, the toys were fighting to get few goods.English version will be coming soon.

VR Development

VR Game (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc)

VR Game(HTC Vive,Oculus Rift etc)

We make full use of advanced technology and develop the VR game.

It is virtual reality (VR) system doing a game experience more wealthily.VR brings the experience that seems to really get into the world of the game.

  • VRスーパースポーツ


    I can enjoy many sports including "clay pigeon shooting" and "baseball" and "Kyudo" in VR space [VR Super Sports]
    I can enjoy a sense of reality that I was not able to taste by the conventional game.Let's sense a full stadium and beautiful Nature bodily.

  • ボクセルショット

    VoxelShot VR

    3D shooting game using voxels of the topic now [VoxelShot VR]
    Let's defeat the zombies with weapons in time.It is under development.

  • VRピンポンパラダイス

    VR PingPong Paradise

    Full-fledged ping pong game supervised by table tennis coach. [VR PingPong Paradise] From the arena to the universe, you can enjoy ping pong at various stages. We also support cutting and driving and also for practicing table tennis.

  • VRフォーミュラ

    VR Stock Car Racers

    Let's ride a stock car and run a circuit that can run only on VR.For example, sea, mountain, night city......Sound speed machine of nitro + supercharger!High speed time which can only be used for 3 seconds!

  • VRフォーミュラ

    VR Fomula

    Ultra-fast VRFormula is officially here!Feel the 300km/h sensation in VR!Easy operations and simple rules make anyone a F1 racer!

  • ボクセルタンク

    VoxelTank VR

    [VoxelShot VR] can easily operate tanks!
    Let's move it well and avoid enemy attacks!

  • サムライソード

    Samurai Sword VR

    I fight against the demon who oneself becomes a samurai, and manages a Katana and a Syuriken.[SamuraiSwordVR]

  • サバンナショット

    Savanna Shot VR

    You become a savanna park ranger and let the animal's ecological management be managed with a rich savanna. Wild VR games that interact with animals in a vast world「Savanna Shot VR」


What's New

Game development engineer support

From the development of Unity · Java · Objective-C, the project team responsible for up to UI design and design and planning is will reside in your destination.

Learn more

Entrusted development track record

It gave the development of the tablet for the content of elementary school children communication education Smile seminar "Star app". A simple game that elementary school students can enjoy casually, we have published in the monthly star app.

Learn more

Short delivery time development case

It is possible to carry out the application of such image character of the company in a short period of time. In order to customize the already verified apps, it will be able to reduce the development costs become a significant reduction in development time. Please choose from more than 100 kinds of apps.

Learn more

Game development engineer support

Talented engineers is responsible for technical support

engineer support

From the development of Unity · Java · Objective-C, the project team responsible for up to UI design and design and planning is will reside in your destination.

  • Unity
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • UI設計
  • デザイン
  • プログラミング
  • 企画
  • お客様先に常駐
  • チーム体制

Support partners some examples

  • Nippon Ichi Software Nippon Ichi Software

To game development engineer support

Entrusted development track record

MegaHouse Corporation App development for children's tablet

MegaHouse Corporation

It made a provision of pre-installed apps to "tap me 2" for children tablet. Easy to understand even to small children, it has become a fun app.

tap me 2

Children's tablet "tap me" appeared further version up! Android4.4 in installed, learning apps and games, such as more than 40 apps can be enjoyed immediately have been pre-installed.To product information

tap me 2

NTT EAST App development for the dedicated tablet


FLET'S Market app development

NTT EAST recommendation has developed an app dedicated tablet to provide.

Light BOX corresponding app development

Such as apps and the Internet of "FLET'S market" has developed a "light BOX" corresponding app available on the connected TV. Operation is done by a dedicated remote control.

FLET'S to Market

Short delivery time development case

Customize the application in public in GooglePlay · App Store

It is possible to carry out the application of such image character of the company in a short period of time. In order to customize the already verified apps, it will be able to reduce the development costs become a significant reduction in development time. Please choose from more than 80 kinds of apps.

SAT-BOX app list

To application development track record

Short delivery time app development experience some cases

  • Ultra pleasure 2D scrolling game
    CYCLE Dash
    CYCLE Dash
  • Casino games Pesogin-rudder of popular character "Pesogin" Pesogin-rudder

To quick delivery development case

Flow from your request to the
application published

  1. Contact Us Contact Us

    Please contact us by phone, or contact us page. It will determine the dates of your meeting - hearing.

  2. Quote / contract Quote / contract

    After the hearing was conducted for the application development, to determine the target of the OS (Android · iOS) and schedule, we will quote. You can timely your meeting with Skype not only e-mail and telephone.

  3. Design / Programming Design / Programming

    Unity · Java · Objective-C, etc., we will create a native app using each language. Programming not only, also we will correspond one-stop design and UI design.

    • Unity
    • Java
    • Objective-C
    • UI design
    • Design
    • Native app
  4. App Public App Public

    Not only in development, it will support up to registration and publishing to GooglePlay · App Store. Promotion on the download goals after app also published We offer.

    App Public

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